Quiroz Landscape & 
Seal Coating Services
Is your driveway deteriorating & cracking? 
It's time to seal coat and protect your driveway

Jose will sealcoat your driveway by . . . 
*Blow cleaning your driveway
*Hand squeegeeing for the best coverage (not sprayed)
*Quality commercial products only 
*Roping off your driveway
2 Car Driveway $45 
3 Car Driveway $55
Oil Spill coverage additional: $6.00 
New asphalt (never seal coated) additional : $25 (2-Car) & $30 (3-Car) 

Refer a neighbor & receive $5.00 discount 

Dethatching & Aeration Services 
Is your lawn deteriorating & looking tired?
It's time to dethatch and aerate your lawn for a overall health protection

Dethatching- $120 
Aeration - $45 
Dethatching & Aeration - $145 
Dethatching & Aeration with a neighbor same day -$140 
Quotes up to 6000 sq. ft. 
disposal included for dethatching only 

Dethatch is a mechanical removal of thatch, excessive build up of dead and decaying turf, grass tissue derived from 
leaves, steams, and roots. Thatch will be removed from your lawn by combing the turf with a machine.

Core aeration involves the mechanical removal of small soil plugs cores from your lawn.
Aeration opens the soil, reduce compaction, increasing infiltration of water & nutrients, improves rooting and 
your lawn overall health.

Weekly Mowing
Lawn Maintenance
Spring / Fall Maintenance
Tree Removal 

Rates as low $25 per Week
Juan: (630) 229-2510 
Jose: (630)-936-6906 

Over 10 years of experience *
Residential & Commercial